Former Vice President Joe Biden is a hot mess.

Everywhere the 78-year-old former Barack Obama vice president goes, he’s caught on camera making a comment or remark that would be the end of a Republican candidate’s campaign.

When Joe Biden, who’s been polling miserably in New Hampshire, was confronted by reporters over his decision to pull out of the state early and head to South Carolina, he became visibly agitated.

Joe used losing Democrat presidential candidate as an example of how you can be a loser and still survive, “Look, ya know, everyone talks about the past. I mean, Clinton lost nine primaries and won only one.”

“Does it seem like you’re giving up on New Hampshire?” one of the reporters asked. Biden snapped back at him, pointing his finger in the reporter’s face, “I’m not giving up on New Hampshire! And don’t’ poke that in my face—okay buddy?”

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On Sunday, during a small campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden called accused a young Mercer College student named Madison of being a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier,” when she asked him how he thinks he can pull off winning a national election.


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