He defeated the most crooked politician to ever run for President of the United States. He defeated the press. He defeated the elitist Republicans and #NeverTrumper “conservatives”. He did it all because he truly loves America and believed that he has the ability to turn this country around and “Make America Great Again!”

It was a nail biter that came down to a few final states that should have never gone to Trump according to conventional wisdom. States like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Minnesota should never have been close for Trump. No one could have predicted that Ohio would be a state that Trump would win decisively and early, especially given the bitter ex-presidential candidate John Katich’s open disdain for his formidable opponent. Florida was also a state no one expected to see being called so early in the evening.

Here is his live feed:

We attended Trump’s rally in Grand Rapids, MI last night and the enthusiasm for him, especially with the throngs of college students was insane.

President Donald J. Trump worked harder than any President in recent history to capture the nomination for his party and then went on to work even harder to beat a formidable (albeit crooked) opponent. He’s worked hard to earn his enormous successes in life and he’s worked equally as hard to prove he is the one person who can drain the DC swamp…

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