President Trump made a great move today along with acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan on immigration policy.

The US and Guatemala agreed to designate Guatemala as a “safe third country”. It means the U.S. will deny asylum requests of Hondurans and Salvadorans who reach American soil unless they have already unsuccessfully applied for asylum in Guatemala.

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Breitbart News:

“On Friday, we will be repatriating single adults and family units, about 135, that did not have to wait for travel documents from the Guatemalan consul,” he said July 25. “We expect to make this a routine practice that will limit time in custody, accelerate repatriations, and create a deterrent impact. It will save two to four days, on average.”

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Quickly repatriating the illegals back to their home country will alleviate the overcrowding in detention centers. The overcrowding works as a chain reaction where the more crowded the detention center gets, the more illegals are released into America.

Democrats have been taking advantage of the optics of the overcrowding that is not in any way the fault of the president or Republicans. The blame for the overcrowding should go to Congress for not dealing with our asylum loopholes that make it so easy to come to our border and get into America.

Neil Munro of Breitbart News: Democrat Sen. Schumer (pictured below) gives thumbs-up to detained illegals, urges all migrants be sent to Catholic Charities, then urges more border loopholes. Yet in NY, employers still are not raising wages to compete for US workers amid the flood of migrant labor.

Schumer giving a thumbs up is pretty pathetic because he’s not doing this for these illegals. He’s doing it all for the votes.


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