We live in historic times.

Not good historic times (at least not yet)…

No, these are dark times at the moment.

So sad to see our Country devolve from Law and Order and the best Constitution ever written to a Third World Dictatorship.

You’re watching it happen before your very eyes.

From our President himself:

You gotta love the humor of our President even in the midst of things:

As I always say, it seems to me that Trump is way more calm than he should be.

Way more calm than perhaps anyone in his position should be.

Is that because he already has all the evidence and he’s just letting this play out?

That’s been my hunch for a long time.

Pure speculation, but I see a calmness and steadiness about him that almost defies explanation.

Here he is landing in D.C.:

And here:

POTUS entering his caravan:

Arriving at the (corrupt) D.C. courthouse:

Trump flags everywhere!

Of course, Trump never was racist.


That was yet another huge lie.

These people get it:

How about you?

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