Just days after Trump appeared at a courtroom in Miami, Florida, he is calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to dismiss their case against him. Trump posted on his Truth Social account calling for the indictment to be immediately withdrawn and for the Department of ‘Injustice’ to apologize.

Trump also posted a second time, saying the “Deranged Jack Smith and the Department of Injustice must drop the Witch Hunt now! He added a post from Judicial Watch that states that a President is allowed to keep records at the end of his presidency.

“The Presidential Records Act allows the President to decide what records to return and what records to keep at the end of his presidency. And the National Archives and Records Administration can not do anything about it.”

Trump spoke out, saying that after leaving the White House, Bill Clinton kept 79 audio tapes in his sock drawer. When he was sued for them, Clinton won. Judge Jackson found that President Clinton was allowed to keep the documents. Michael Bekesha, an attorney at Judicial Watch, said he was the attorney who lost his suit against Bill Clinton and that Clinton was allowed to decide what records were personal. Bekesha said there is no mechanism for the Federal government to go after a president’s personal records. Bekesha noted that the change between Clinton’s case and Trump’s case is only taking place because the DOJ wants to go after Trump. The laws surrounding the Presidential Records Act have remained the same. He said Trump should be exonerated.


Attorney General Merrick Garland and special counsel Jack Smith are not likely to withdraw their case, even though a President has the ability to declassify documents at will. But the leftist-led DOJ has been unwilling to leave the former president alone. It seems they are bent on spending American taxpayer dollars to pursue their political adversary.
The Trump-hunting prosecutor is seeking a conviction on 37 counts, citing offenses under the Espionage Act, which carry a prison sentence of up to 100 years. The prosecutors will have to convince a jury that Trump held classified documents and refused to give them back.
However, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is now calling for the House to defund the Special Counsels investigation of President Trump, saying it reflects a “weaponization of the government.”
Greene said she was writing an appropriations rider to defund Jack Smith’s investigation of whether or not Trump mishandled classified documents. She tweeted her announcement and asked, “Where are the investigations into true criminals like Joe Bide and Hillary Clinton?”

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