New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman has been against President Trump from the beginning of his presidency and has written hit piece after hit piece about him. She’s going after Republican Mark Meadows now with a hit piece claiming he cries and can’t handle the tough job of being in the Trump administration.

During the coronavirus presser today, President Trump ripped into Haberman for the hit piece on Trump’s new Chief of Staff Mark Meadows calling her a “fake” and a “terrible dishonest reporter.”

President Trump calls New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman a “terrible, dishonest reporter” for a story about how Mark Meadows cried. He also says she should give back her Pulitzer Prize for the Russia investigation.

“She is fake, a lot of people are fake.”

Haberman is tweeting about the comments from the president. She’s one sick individual for trying to make an issue of whether a man may have cried. Does it matter?

President Trump also called out the fake news media for not reporting correctly on the number of deaths during the coronavirus crisis:

“When the fake news gets out there and they start talking about the United States is number one… China’s number one by a lot. It’s not even close. They’re way ahead of us in terms of death… You know it. I know it… But you don’t want to report it”

President Trump is battling the political hack reporters every day AND battling the coronavirus crisis. Who else could do this? Certainly not Joe Biden!

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