Trump-endorsed candidates have been on a hot streak lately, with many of his candidates winning the primaries and beating out Pence-endorsed candidates.

Just before midnight on Tuesday, August 9, several election analysts called the race for Wisconsin’s gubernatorial Republican candidate. With over 98% of the votes counted, Trump-endorsed candidate Tim Michels has 47% of the vote, and Pence-backed candidate Rebecca Kleefisch has 42%.

Michels will now face incumbent Gov. Tony Evers in the key battleground state.

GOP gubernatorial nominee, Tim Michels

Several other gubernatorial races ended up with Trump vs. Pence candidates going toe-to-toe for the nominations. In Georgia, Trump-backed Davide Perdue lost to Pence-backed incumbent Brian Kemp, while in Arizona, Trump’s candidate Kari Lake beat out Pence’s Karrin Taylor Robson.

Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler, a Pence-endorsed candidate in Washington, conceded defeat on Tuesday after being beaten by another candidate endorsed by Trump, Joe Kent, a former Green Beret.

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Leora Levy, also endorsed by Trump, won the GOP U.S. Senate Primary in Connecticut on Tuesday.

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Anti-Trump media has unsurprisingly jumped to criticize the victorious candidates who were endorsed by Trump.

Author and political commentator Charlie Sykes tweeted:

“Tim Michels spent much of the campaign dodging the media, skipping debates, and sweating profusely when he did show up. All he really had going for him (besides money) was Trump’s endorsement and an incapacity for independent thought.”

Journalist John Nichols also tried to stir up “fear” that Trump’s grip on the GOP is tightening, tweeting,

“This [is] not good news for America. Trump candidate Tim Michels beats ex-Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin GOP primary for governor. AND a Trump-endorsed newcomer within 300 votes of defeating Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Trump’s grip on the GOP is greater than ever.”

Tim Michels went on Fox News to talk about his endorsement by Trump, saying that the Democrats are scared of him because they know he poses a real threat to Gov. Tony Evers – and Donald Trump knows it too.

“President Trump endorsed me because he likes to win and he sees a winner in me. He knows that I have the background that stands in stark contrast to Tony Evers, and that’s the winning formula here.”

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