To all the #NeverTrumpers: The ugly ride that you’ve been on in support of a candidate who lost the primary election fair and square, is about to come to an end. 

Multiple sources close to Ted Cruz say the Texas senator is expected indicate his support for Donald Trump as soon as Friday.
It is unclear whether Cruz will say only that he is voting for the Republican nominee, as other lawmakers have done, or offer a more full-throated endorsement, but the idea of throwing any support to Trump is controversial within Cruzworld. –Politico


Ted Cruz was my choice until he blamed Trump for the violence at the Chicago rally. I withdrew my support for Cruz that horrible night and since then, he has done nothing to restore my confidence. Maybe the support for his Senate seat is eroding, or maybe he’s just come to the conclusion that Trump genuinely loves his country and needs everyone’s support if he’s going to defeat Hillary in November. Cruz had an opportunity to do the right thing at the RNC convention, but he chose to take a different path. But unlike sour grapes Governor John Kasich, who can’t seem to find it in his great big, illegal-immigrant-loving-heart to endorse Donald J. Trump, it appears that Cruz is about to do the right thing…and for that, we offer him moderate applause

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