A new Fox News Poll is out and it’s great news for President Trump. His leadership has been incredible during the coronavirus crisis and the American people approve.

The new poll measured President Trump’s job approval with all voters and his approval with Republicans.

Voters gave the president a 49 percent job approval which is a new high from 48 percent two weeks ago.

Of course, Republican approval is through the roof at a whopping 89 percent. The approval from Republicans was a record 91 percent in January so the high approval rate remains even though it’s dropped two points.

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President Trump is also polling his best with women, Democrats, whites, and white evangelical Christians according to the Fox News Poll.

Voters gave President Trump a 51 percent approval rating on his response to the pandemic:

The approval of President Trump during the coronavirus crisis is in spite of the constant barrage of biased media reports against him. That’s amazing and indicates that the American people are seeing through the media lies.

President Trump’s positive outlook going forward will also help jumpstart the economy once businesses begin to open again.

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