President Trump will sign an Executive Order(EO) that is his most aggressive push to stop guest workers from taking American jobs.

It’s being reported that the EO will be signed later today.

President Trump is going to free up hundreds of thousands of jobs with this move.

It is being reported that President Trump will restrict the H-1B work visa that has been so controversial because it involves highly skilled workers. In the past, US companies would hire foreign workers and pay them less than Americans in software, accounting, design, etc. In some cases, the American workers would have to train their foreign counterparts who were taking their job over. Tech companies in 2019 alone hired 138,689 H1B Visas at an average salary of $103,565. Indians and Chinese made the majority of beneficiaries.

In a recent heartbreaking viral video, Disney worker Leo Perrero spoke to Congress about being told he would be let go and that he couldn’t speak about being replaced, but he denied the gag order and spoke to Congress anyway.

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Outsourcing of American workers is HUGE and is done by major corporations like Disney. We’ve heard from workers who’ve had to train their replacement for 90 days. Can you imagine? This is where American jobs are going…to foreign workers who’re cheaper labor working on a H1B Visa. Here’s a recent article on how some workers are fighting back:
American Workers Finally Fighting Back Against Corporations Replacing Them With Cheaper Foreign Labor
Watch for candidates who’re for this and vote them out. The Chamber of Commerce is all for this and any cheap labor it can get from overseas or Mexico. The lobbyists are working overtime to push their agenda while the American workers are suffering.

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President Trump’s changes to guest worker visas:
– Freezes most new work visas including H-1B, H-2B, Certain J, and L
– Fees on current visa holders increase
– New reg changes on H-1B workers, closing big loopholes

Breitbart News is reporting that U.S. college graduates successfully helped persuade President Donald Trump to block the inflow of H-1B visa workers.




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