President Trump traveled to Louisiana today to tour Sempra Energy’s Cameron LNG Export Facility in Cameron Parish. On his way to his destination, several police officers who were escorting him were involved in an accident.

White House Bureau Chief Steve Herman is reporting: Members of the press pool traveling with report there’s been an accident involving several motorcycle officers shortly after the motorcade turned onto the freeway minutes from the Lake Charles airport in .

TPM Live reported on the crash:

Yiddish News reports “2 motorcycle officers ween with ‘very bloodied arms'”

WBRZ News shows one of the police officer’s motorcyle on its side.

Bloomberg’s White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs reports that President Trump’s vehicle is fine, but some officers who are part of his motorcade have crashed and are injured. Many are reporting seeing police officers “bleeding.”

Steve Herman of W7VOA reports that three of the four officers involved in the accident were taken to the local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

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