Hundreds of thousands of patriots traveled to DC to fight back against the theft of our elections.

Millions of Americans have been watching and waiting to see if Vice President Mike Pence would allow the Electoral College votes in 6 states that are being contested over incredible claims of voter fraud to stand, or if he would send them back to AZ, GA, MI, PA, WI, and NV to allow them due process as they pursue election integrity in their states.

Today, they got their answer, as VP Pence released a statement before the joint session of Congress met to decide the fate of our nation, saying he doesn’t believe the Constitution gives him the ability to send the votes back to the states.

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Shortly after hearing the news, hundreds of patriots stormed the grounds of the Capitol building, as they tore down fences and clashed with DC police.

In this video, patriots are attempting to breach the Capitol building, as they fight back against the federal police.

Here’s another angle of the scuffle:

Politico reporter Melanie Zanona is reporting that the Madison building on Capitol Hill is being evacuated.

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