Last night, the all-Republican House Freedom Caucus took to the floor to announce they would not sign the short-term funding bill, that would avert the shut down of our government unless border wall funding and an end to catch and release is included in the bill. A lot of political pundits dismissed their efforts as bluster, but was it?

Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Jim Jordan blasted the Republican majority House for not honoring the will of the people who elected them. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) led the charge to defeat the bill their fellow members of Congress are shoving through with no regard for Americans who are demanding the wall is funded with their tax dollars.

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Congressman Jordan also tweeted:

The is on the House floor RIGHT NOW to do two simple things: -Fund $5 Billion for the border security wall -End Catch and Release The time to fight is now.

Only moments ago, President Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted:

“President Trump just met with Republican Members of the House. Not surprisingly, they all feel strongly about Border Security – stopping the flow of drugs, stopping human trafficking, and stopping terrorism. We protect nations all over the world, but Democrats are unwilling to protect our nation. We urgently need funding for border security and that includes a wall.”


CBS News reporter Steven Portnoy reports that House Speaker Paul Ryan tells reporters that Trump says he will NOT sign CR.

Ryan says he’s going to put up a bill that includes border wall funding.

Paul Ryan just addressed Americans to announce President Trump will not sign the CR that would avert the shutdown of the government. Ryan told the press that members of Congress are “going back to work on adding border security to this.”

Why did Ryan wait until the 11th hour to agree to fund the wall? Why have so many of the Republicans left President Trump to fight for the will of the people on his own?

Congressman Jim Jordan nailed it when he called the actions of GOP Congressmen, “shameful” in the video above.

Daily Caller is also reporting that President Trump has told the GOP leadership he WILL NOT sign the resolution passed by the Senate because it does not include funding for the border wall.

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