President Trump’s latest tweet is exactly why he tweets to America. The media and Democrats have been trying to make the president out to be the bad guy who is delaying signing the coronavirus relief bill. They’re not telling the American people that President Trump wants more money to go directly to Americans and wants the pork out of the pork-filled relief package.

Most Americans don’t realize that the $900 billion COVID relief package is just connected with the $1.5 trillion Omnibus spending bill for convenience. They can be separated because they are technically separate bills.

President Trump wants a redo from Congress on the $900 billion COVID bill to give $2,000 instead of $600 per person. Not a problem, right? Well, it’s a big problem for the RINOs and Democrats who put pork into the $900 billion bill and don’t want it to stand alone. If Democrats and media conflate the OMNIBUS bill with the COVID relief bill, it muddies the water, so Americans don’t scrutinize the pork-filled bill.

Thank goodness President Trump tweets. Otherwise, he would never be heard, and the truth wouldn’t come out.

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