President Trump just tweeted out the incredible news about the NASDAQ reaching an “all-time high” today.

This is the 20th all-time high of 2020.

At the opening of the Stock market this morning, the NASDAQ hit an all-time high, and the Market was up 300 points.

This is the beginning of the first week of the third quarter of the year.

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President Trump also warned about what would happen if Biden is elected in November. The president correctly predicted massive tax hikes if Biden is elected. This is true, and Biden proudly announced recently that he would hike taxes (see below)

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In February of this year, Biden asked a crowd in South Carolina if they benefitted from the Trump tax cuts. When one guy in the crowd said he had benefited,  Joe Biden said: “Guess what, if you elect me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut.”

With the election coming up, it’s more important than ever to know where the candidates stand. The video below from June of 2019 shows Biden telling a group that he will raise taxes:

“There is plenty, plenty of money to go around.” – Joe Biden

Joe Biden is letting voters know that he will repeal President Trump’s tax cuts if elected…that’s good to know. He made the remarks while speaking at “The Poor People’s Campaign Presidential Forum.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden said “the first thing I would do” if president is repeal the Trump tax cuts, which would raise taxes on the 82% of middle-class Americans that saw a tax cut in 2018 with an average savings of $1,260, and the 90% of workers that saw an increase in pay.

It would be Obama round three if Biden is elected. Who can forget Joe the Plumber and Obama discussing “spreading the wealth”.

The Trump tax cuts have been fantastic for middle-class America:

According to Fox Business, the middle class has seen strong tax reduction, higher take-home pay, more jobs, and more economic opportunity.

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