Although Americans are not interested in the J6 Committee Hearing, the partisan group decided to issue a subpoena Thursday to Donald Trump asking him to testify.
The J6 finale has been canceled because news networks found that polls showed 60% believe it is partisan poison, 90% said it did not impact their views, 63% felt congress had better things to be doing with taxpayer time and money, and 67% thought it was dividing our nation.


According to NOQ Report, President Donald Trump has responded to the Democrats’ Committee subpoena. Trump is willing to accept the summons and is happy to testify, provided he can do so on live TV, thereby forgoing the collaboration of media and Democrats working together to edit a video testimony.

Trump called the committee’s televised hearings a “Show Trial,” criticizing their lack of due process, cross-examination, and refusal for investigating election fraud.

Michael Schmidt, an NYT correspondent, said: “Since it became public that the House select committee planned to subpoena Trump for his testimony, the former president has been telling aides he favors doing so, so long as he gets to do so live, according to a person familiar with his discussions.”

NYT Reporter Maggie Haberman also said, “In terms of the subpoena, for him, that is actually one of the things that has animated him. “He’s been talking to advisers about how, you know, he would consider testifying if they would air it live, which is also not surprising…it seems hard to imagine the committee would go for that.”



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