Last week, Tucker Carlson Tonight host Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell on his program when he explained that the NSA is spying on him.  This afternoon, Carlson appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business show to explain how he found out the NSA was spying on him and how he obtained information from a whistleblower proving that the NSA has been spying on him. Bartiromo explained to her viewers how the NSA was “planning to leak sensitive communications” from Carlson “to get his show canceled.”

Carlson explained to the Fox Business host why he decided to go public with the whistleblower’s claim: “You don’t go on TV lightly to say ‘The NSA is spying on me.,’ because you sound like a crazy person!” Carlson said. He continued, “Of course, you don’t say that unless you know it’s true—and I do know it was true because, almost accidentally, I was in Washington for a funeral last week and I ran into someone I know well, who said I have a message for you—and then proceeded to repeat back to me details from emails and texts that I sent and had told no one else about.” Tucker explained that the whistleblower verified it and that as a “defensive move,” he decided to “say something out loud” about the NSA spying on him on his show.

Earlier this week, after Carlson exposed the spying operation on his Tucker Carlson Tonight show, the NSA tried to distance themselves from the spying operation by issuing the following statement:

“NSA has a foreign intelligence mission. We target foreign powers to generate insights on foreign activities that could harm the United States.” The statement, of course, is not a denial, but instead, a word salad, designed to make it look like a denial.

Carlson explained how he was able to confirm the whistleblower’s claim: “Then—yesterday, I learned that—and this is going to come out soon—that the NSA leaked the contents of my emails to journalists—in an effort to discredit me!” Carlson told his fellow Fox News journalist that he actually got a phone call from a journalist that confirmed the whistleblower’s warning. “More ominously, they’re using the information they gather to put leverage and to threaten opposition journalsits— those who criticize the Biden administration. And I don’t think we should put up with it in a free country,” Carlson said.


“It’s worse than shocking—this is the stuff of banana republics and third-world countries,” Bartiromo said.


First, it was the FBI spying on innocent American citizens—now it’s the NSA—is it possible for America to ever trust our intelligence agencies again?

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