Nearly four years after the mysterious death of former socialite and notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide, many questions remain about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Epstein was extremely well-connected, and his flight logs reportedly included multiple former Presidents, British royalty, and a rotating cast of celebrities.

Because of that, many people have speculated that his suicide was actually a murder to prevent him from testifying about the extent of his connections with high-profile individuals.

Already, a number of irregularities have been recorded that cast doubt on the official story surrounding his death.

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson revealed further details that will surely raise further questions.

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Carlson and his FOX News team attempted to get a hold of the 911 calls made from the jail where Epstein allegedly committed suicide.

After attempting to contact local authorities, they told him that the calls had been deleted.

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He also attempted to contact the FBI, but has not received a response.

American Wire News Reports

Fox News host Tucker Carlson brought up the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on Wednesday, noting that his team called the NYPD to get a copy of the 911 calls made from the prison where he was held when he died under suspicious circumstances, and was informed that they have been deleted.

“It’s approaching four years since Jeffrey Epstein died in detention in New York City. It’s very obvious he was killed. The more you look at the details, and we have, the more clear it is that somebody got inside the most secure federal lock-up in our most populated city and murdered Jeffrey Epstein. But who?” Carlson asked.

“Well, the Department of Justice is in charge of finding out who, of course. And they say they’ve had an investigation for almost four years. So, periodically we reach out to the DOJ and ask, ‘How’s the Epstein investigation going?’” he noted and then started laughing.

Carlson did not seem surprised in the least when the DOJ updated him on the Epstein case.

“We called today again. They told us they would complete and publish their report soon,” he noted.

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