Almost single-handedly, Tucker Carlson is doing the heavy lifting for the dishonest corporate media when it comes to shining a light on the truth behind what happened on January 6th.

For months, 100 Percent Fed Up and the Gateway Pundit have been reporting on January 6th political prisoners, false flags, and how the Democrats in conjunction with federal agents potentially set up Trump and his supporters. Those who traveled to Washington DC to demand lawmakers take a closer look at the election in contested states before certifying the election for a man who, as it turns out, is the most dangerous person to ever occupy the White House (not counting his former boss, who is likely pulling all of the strings behind the curtain in the Oval Office) are being held in solitary confinement, they are being refused medical care and basic human rights.

Tucker Carlson was the first person on a top-rated television show to call into question the role federal agents played in the so-called “insurrection” on January 6th. (See video here). Now, he’s following up with an incredible documentary that is certain to rock the Democrat Party and dirty federal agents, (like those we discovered in the uncovering of the Russian hoax scam with Peter Strozk), to the core.

Watch the powerful trailer here:

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