In its bid to continue to silence conservative voices, Twitter suspended satirical conservative news site The Babylon Bee from its website.  The suspension is only supposed to last 12 hours, which will begin once the Babylon Bee removes a Tweet calling a male to female transgender person their ‘Man of the Year’.  So far, Babylon Bee has refused to remove the Tweet, meaning the suspension will continue indefinitely.  The Babylon Bee has over a million followers on Twitter.

Twitter also suspended the Babylon Bee’s owner for criticizing the ban and Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk for echoing similar sentiments.

Now, Twitter removed a post by Tucker Carlson that simply said that both Charlie Kirk and the Babylon Bee’s statements were true.

The Post Millenial Reports





“After The Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk caught Twitter bans for posting that Biden’s assistant Health and Human Services secretary Rachel Levine is a “man,” Tucker Carlson was censored by Twitter for pointing out that both the Bee and Kirk were telling the truth. His tweet, in defense of Kirk and the Bee, is no longer available on Twitter because it “violates the Twitter rules.”

Carlson shared screenshots of both the Bee’s and Kirk’s suspension, saying “But wait. Both these tweets are true.” Twitter, apparently, is not in the business of truth, but instead in the business of censorship.”

The Babylon Bee’s editor-in-chief was also suspended for saying that if the Babylon Bee ‘threw a few thousand Uighurs in concentration camps’ perhaps their suspension would be removed.

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