Twitter has permanently banned the personal account of United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. According to the social media giant that boldly banned the President of the United States account with over 88 million followers, two days after the January 6th Fed-surrection, citing, with no evidence of their incendiary claim, “the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Some Americans may not agree with the views of US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Some may not care for her outspoken style, but are Americans okay with an army of faceless, nameless, censorship minions who are given the power to sit comfortably behind their screens, with absolutely no accountability, and become the ultimate arbiters of truth?

New York Times reporter Davey Alba tweeted a screenshot of Rep. MJT’s canceled personal account with an “Account Suspended” label attached to it.

Unlike 99.99% of Twitter users, New York Times reporter Davey Alba has the ability to communicate with Twitter and was able to get a statement from one of their invisible and untouchable employees on the permanent suspension of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account.

According to the censorship team at Twitter, they have permanently suspended her account over “repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy.” According to Twitter, which doesn’t have to explain the sources they used to decide that a user is sharing COVID-19 misinformation on their platform, MJT was allowed 5 strikes, and because she reached that threshold, she has been permanently banned.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) shared the tweet that got his fellow US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene banned from Twitter. The tweet reveals the potential risk for COVID vaccines as reported by the government website VAERS that’s supported by the CDC and FDA.

Curiously, Democrats or left-leaning activists are not subject to the same censorship tactics by Twitter. US Representatives like Ilhan Omar have spewed anti-Semitic hate on Twitter, or users like @PaulLeeTeeks, who regularly posts altered, pornographic images to depict Republicans and conservatives in sexual acts like this one of two sitting Republican US Senators:

Or this video created to make President Donald J. Trump appear to be fondling his daughter:

For the record, over the past two weeks, we’ve reported over 10 posts (most of them are so vulgar, we could not share them on our website) by @PaulLeeTeeks, and have received at least 4 responses from Twitter saying his posts violate their policies. He has not been suspended or removed from Twitter, as apparently, violations against leftist Democrats don’t carry the same weight as they do for conservative Republicans.

On February 23, 2020, Twitter permanently suspended our account for sharing information about voter fraud in the November 2020 election. Overnight, with one click from a faceless censor, we lost almost 35K followers, an audience we dedicated hundreds of hours to growing.

It was our first and only offense on Twitter.

We appealed their decision, and we never got a response.

Pornography that falsely depicts Republicans in sexual acts or hate directed at Jews or at sitting US Presidents by sitting US Representatives is okay, but don’t cross the line on Twitter and talk about voter fraud or the CCP virus, or your account will be removed the crack censorship team at Twitter.

Contact your US Representative this week and demand that section 230 protection be removed from social media companies as they prepare to drop the hammer on social media autocrats this coming week.


Watch Rep. Ken Buck explain the bi-partisan support for addressing the serious issue of big tech censorship through legislation.

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