America is in Jordan trying to help the Jordanians with training to better defend themselves. A Jordanian police officer went on a suicide mission when he opened fire killing and wounding several at the camp. The officer turned the gun on himself committing suicide…sounds like a terror attack by a jihadist who’d infiltrated the camp and the police force. Two Americans died trying to help in the war on terror…Please pray for the families of these two brave American soldiers. 

A Jordanian police officer shot and killed two Americans and one South African and wounded six others Monday in a U.S.-funded training camp in Jordan, a security source from the Arab country told Al Arabiya News Channel.

The Jordanian went on a shooting spree when the victims were having lunch in the training facility in Al-Mowaqqar east of the capital, Amman. The facility was previously used to train Iraqi and Palestinian security forces.

Jordan hosts several hundred U.S. trainers who are part of a military program to bolster the kingdom’s defences, including the stationing of F16 fighter jets that use Jordanian airfields to hit ISIS positions in Syria.

Jordan is a U.S. ally and part of the Washington-led coalition that is trying to defeat ISIS in both of its neighboring countries, Syria and Iraq.

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Via: Al Arabiya

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