Walk away founder Brandon Straka and other local Michigan grassroots groups organized a rally to show their support for President Trump in front of the TCF Center in Detroit, where the crooked process of counting absentee ballots took place for the past 3 days. Shortly after Trump supporters arrived, they were told by Detroit Police that they had to leave because there was a bomb threat at the TCF Center. The group moved to the Detroit City Hall, where they reorganized and began to show their support for President Trump when they were told to move AGAIN because there was another bomb threat.

The large group of Trump supporters moved to the Crown Plaza, a large hotel down the street from the TCF Center. The police barricaded the roads around the Crown Plaza to keep the Trump supporters in one area. Shortly after they began gathering, two employees of the Crown Plaza came outside to tell them they had to move.

Two Detroit Police vehicles pulled Trump Unity Bridge owner and driver over, arrested him, and falsely accused him of having two arrest warrants.

We spoke to Rob Cortis, who was arrested after he was pulled over by two Detroit Police vehicles. Rob explained that he was turning left onto Congress from Shelby when he was pulled over by two Detroit Police vehicles. The Detroit Police officer, who approached Cortis, accused him of turning right without a signal. Rob told the officer that his blinker was still on when the officer pulled him over and that all he had to do what look and see that it was still blinking; and furthermore, Cortis explained that he wasn’t turning right, but that he was instead, he was turning left.

Avid Trump supporter Scott Hagerstrom was with Rob when he arrested. Hagerstrom told us that although the police told them there was a bomb threat at Detroit City Hall, none of the workers inside City Hall were being evacuated. Hagerstrom told us that he also found it odd that in the middle of an alleged bomb threat that between 10-15 Detroit Police officers were surrounding Cortis and his Unity Bridge during his arrest. According to Hagerstrom and Cortis, they also found it curious that police officers and the media were allowed to remain in front of the TCF Center in spite of the alleged bomb threat.

When Trump supporters questioned why Rob was being arrested when he did nothing wrong and that his Trump Unity Bridge is covered in pro-law enforcement messages, Hagerstrom said that it’s not the fault of the police officers, that they’re getting their orders from Democrat Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

Cortis jokingly told us that the bombs must’ve been “smart bombs,” explaining that only Trump supporters were forced to evacuate from the front of City Hall and the TCF Center, while busses and other vehicles were driving up and down in front of the City Hall while he was pulled over.

The Detroit Police arrested Rob and placed him in handcuffs, telling him that he had an outstanding warrant in Livonia, MI. The Detroit Police took Cortis to the Livonia jail, where they were told there was no outstanding arrest warrant for him. The police officers in Livonia told the Detroit Police officers the only thing they could find on his record was a noise violation in Canton, MI. The Detroit Police officers took Rob to the Canton jail, where they were told there was no outstanding arrest for Rob, who was handcuffed the entire time.

Rob was cited for disorderly conduct, failure to signal, and blockading a moving lane of traffic.

Here’s Rob’s video of the incident:

Rob Cortis is accepting donations to help cover his legal fees at TrumpUnityBridge.com.

Cortis was on his way back to the rally in Detroit when we spoke with him on the phone.

This grainy photo by the organizer, Brandon Straka, shows the large crowd of Trump organizers that are being forced to move from one location to another.

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