The Texas Department of Public Safety announced that a door was left propped open by a teacher just before the shooting in Uvalde

More breaking developments in the tragic Uvalde shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw by Elias Valverde II

The Texas Department of Public Safety announces that their investigation has thus far found that a door to the school was left propped open by a teacher prior to the shooting and that a school resource officer drove right past the shooter unknowingly on their way to investigate the 911 calls.

The shooter was crouched down beside a car as the resource officer drove directly by.

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It is not explicitly stated whether the shooter entered the building through the open door or through other means.

The shooter fired 100 rounds within the classroom where he massacred 21 innocent people, and he was able to fire for two straight minutes before local law enforcement first entered the school building, only to be fired upon themselves by the shooter.

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The police then were forced to pull back and seek cover behind the doors.

Local police were on scene for over an hour before the situation was neutralized and the shooter was killed, with federal agents there for nearly a full hour as well.

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