Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has done it again. This time,

“A small handful of people are able to manipulate the vote,” O’Keefe warns. The genius behind the hidden camera stings is not just warning about people who are hired to cheat Americans, he’s actually showing them in action.

The woman featured in O’Keefe’s newest video, titled “Rigged Election: ‘TX Ballot Chaser’ Illegally Pressures Voters To Change Votes; “I could go to jail,” is Raquel Rodriguez, a consultant for GOP US House candidate Mauro Garza. Raquel is much more than a consultant, however. Ms. Rodriguez, who has no idea she’s being filmed, takes the undercover Project Veritas reporter behind the scenes, where she explains how her group of illegal actors register a cemetery filled with dead voters, how they go to people’s homes to coerce them into changing already filled out ballots and how they buy “buckets of beer” for people who vote for them. Raquel even brags about how she’s already helped to illegally cast over 7,000 ballots in Texas.

Watch the incredible scene here:

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