Overnight, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine, calling it a “special military operation.”

The Ukrainian army is now fighting in almost every region, as they battle Putin’s army for control of their military bases, airports, cities and ports after an early-hours barrage of cruise missiles and guided bombs targeting ammo dumps and radar arrays.

By Thursday afternoon, battles were ongoing in Kiev, along the northern border with Belarus, in Luhansk and Donetsk in the east and around Kherson, the Dneiper River, and the port cities of Odessa and Mariupol in the south.

Putin threatened the world that there would be “consequences you have never seen” for any country that interferes in his invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russian occupation forces are reportedly trying to seize the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Ukraine President Zelensky tweeted a gut-wrenching warning:


Our defenders are giving their lives so that the tragedy of 1986 will not be repeated. This is a declaration of war against the whole of Europe.

Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted about the ‘inhumane” actions of the Russian dictator, saying he has “no respect for agreements Russia signed to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine.”

He condemned Putin for “killing innocent people like Stalin did in the 1930s”

Daily Mail reports the latest on the conflict- Ukrainian troops are this afternoon fighting Russian forces for control of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, 60 miles north of the capital Kiev, amid fears the battle could damage storage facilities holding nuclear waste sparking a fallout that could blanket Europe.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the ministry of interior affairs, said shortly before 3 pm that Russian forces entered the zone and were ‘vigorously’ fighting with border guards units. ‘If storage facilities are destroyed, the radioactive cloud could cover Ukraine, Belarus, and the EU,’ he said.

NATO Ally, Turkey Reports Ship Hit With Bomb As Fears Of All-Out Conflict In Europe Grow

Meanwhile, Turkey reported that one of its ships had been hit by a ‘bomb’ off the coast of Odessa, where fighting is also going on. Turkey is a member of NATO, amid fears that the war in Ukraine could quickly suck in other states and spark an all-out conflict in Europe.

Elsewhere, Kiev ordered civilians to bomb shelters amid fears Russia is about to strike the Ukrainian capital as Kiev’s troops battle for control of a key airfield around 15 miles away.

‘They are going to bomb Kyiv now. Authorities told us to hide in shelters,’ a source in the city told MailOnline as city authorities said a hospital had been hit, killing four people. It came as the Ukrainians began shelling Antonov Airport, 15 miles outside the city, as an offensive began to re-take it from Russians who had landed there earlier in the day via dozens of helicopters – some of which were shot down by Ukrainian MiG jets.

It came as the Ukrainian border guard said Belarusian troops had entered the Chernobyl exclusion zone, around 60 miles north of the capital, with an adviser to President Zelensky warning that a storage facility full of nuclear waste ‘may’ have been hit – threatening to cause an ‘ecological disaster’.

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