The UN building, which takes up about 7 blocks in Manhattan, is under lockdown after an unidentified man wearing a red sweatshirt was spotted outside of the building with a gun pointed under his chin. NYPD is reportedly trying to negotiate with him.

Law enforcement officers have shut down the roads surrounding the UN complex.

The video below shows the man in the red sweatshirt pacing in front of the building while heavily armed NYPD officers surround him with at least one armored vehicle.

Police can be seen standing outside of the UN building telling the man in the red sweatshirt to “Put down the gun!” They told him, “There are better ways to get your message across.”

A LIVE video of the scene as it unfolds can be watched here:

Here’s another angle of the UN building from above that shows traffic being re-routed around the building:

This story is developing…

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