Jack Dorsey announced his resignation from social media giant Twitter on Monday.  He was one of the Co-Founders of Twitter in 2006 and has served as its CEO for six years since 2015.  Twitter Chief Tech Officer Parag Agrawal was appointed as his replacement.  Twitter users have already uncovered past tweets and statements he has made that reveal his far left views on race relations and his disregard for the first amendment.

“If they are not gonna make a distinction between Muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists?” Argawal wrote in 2010.



Argawal does not plan to make free speech a priority at Twitter, he revealed in a 2020 interview that he does not see free speech as important on the platform.  “Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment, but our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective of things that we believe lead to a healthier public conversation. The kinds of things that we do about this is, focus less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.”  he said.

Twitter has a track record of censoring conservatives that will likely intensify with the appointment of their new woke CEO.   During the 2020 Presidential election, Twitter came under fire for blocking leaked content from Hunter Biden’s laptop from being posted on their website.

Dorsey was pressured to resign last year after activist investors raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest relating to his position as CEO of payment company Square.


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