Project Veritas just dropped another undercover video of CNN employees telling what goes on behind the scenes.

Why can’t these news correspondent’s tell the truth on the air? On CNN, “good segments” have nothing to do with being fair and balanced but about ratings.

It’s also because CNN President Jeff Zucker  pushes out negative news on the candidates he doesn’t favor. Zucker also has a vendetta against President Trump so it’s 24/7 bad news on Trump.

This is PART 2 where “CNN leadership picks the winners and losers”:

A registered Democrat captured the extreme bias against President Trump where Zucker told his people to push a story that Kamala Harris wants Trump to be suspended from Twitter. Is Zucker pushing this story line because he has a “personal vendetta” against President Trump or because he thinks it’s worthy of coverage?

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CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez says Joe Biden has a problem because of his son’s foreign business dealings:

“Now I’ll tell you this, Joe Biden has a problem.”

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“Because his son was trading in his name.”


Evan Perez is right about Joe Biden but is prohibited from speaking about it on the air.

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