In a recent interview, Paula Scanlan, a former teammate of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, accused the University of Pennsylvania of manipulating the girls swim team into silence.

Scanlan criticized her alma mater for shutting down concerns the girls had over swimming with a biological male on their female swim team and being forced to allow him in their locker room. Scanlan was interviewed by Matt Walsh, a journalist at the Daily Wire. She decided to finally open up and talk about the experience. She starts by saying that after a year of remaining quiet and only allowing herself to be interviewed anonymously, her concerns and belief that things were mishandled by the University has continued to bother her,

‘Is there something wrong with me for thinking this is wrong?… The University wanted us to be quiet, and they did it in a very effective way. There was something going on in this athletic department that wanted to keep us quiet. This was getting scary,’ Scanlan told Walsh.

Scanlan said the University did not want any kickback and made the swimmers feel like they were not allowed to have their own opinions about Thomas. She shared with Walsh that the female swimmers hid from Thomas in the restroom stalls when they needed to change clothes,

‘They continued to tell us that our opinions were wrong and if we had an issue about it, we were the problem, and it’s frightening and your future job is on the line,‘ Scanlan said in her interview. She also claimed swimmers would hide in bathroom stalls to avoid changing in front of Thomas.”

Thomas swam unsuccessfully on the men’s team for three years before the girl’s team was informed by his coach that he would be moving to their team.

Scanlan said she is being widely encouraged to tell the truth about what happened. She Tweeted, “Something that has shocked me is the volume of international messages I have received. The world looks to America to do the right thing, and now more than ever, it is important as Americans, we stand up for the truth. The whole world depends on us to do so.”


Scanlan has thanked fellow collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines for standing up to protect the integrity of women’s sports. The full video can be viewed here:

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