Overstock founder Patrick Byrne went on UndercoverDC on Monday to further discuss the explosive meeting at the White House on Friday night.

During the interview, Patrick Byrne described how General Michael Flynn took control and confronted the naysayers on President Trump’s advisory team.

According to Patrick Byrne, “General Flynn stood on his feet [in a calm, measured and professional manner] and gentlemanly asked “Do you think the President won? Can you say that you think the President won?”the question … not a single one would answer the question”.

Byrne further states that he told President Trump that “within 30 minutes” he could produce 3 people who could confirm that his own leadership has been trying to convince others to get him to concede.


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General Flynn was the man of the hour. This was a pivotal moment in American history.

Democrats must not get away with stealing the largest landslide of a sitting president in US history. This cannot stand! Share your thoughts.

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