Fulton County Director of Elections Richard Barron was terminated in a 3-2 vote by the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections on Tuesday.

The county experienced a slew of issues during last year’s election cycle, including long lines, problems with voting equipment and absentee ballot delays. Barron faced criticism from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over delays caused by technical problems and staffing issues.

“These errors and inefficiencies waste taxpayer dollars,” Dr. Kathleen Ruth of the Fulton County Board of Directors said. “The department needs new leadership to take Fulton to the next level.

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Fulton County came under fire in November when President Trump’s legal team accused the county of ballot dumping. This came after surveillance footage at the State Farm Arena caught election officials pulling four plastic bins from underneath desks.

“Officials egregiously violated state laws in order to solicit, facilitate, and promote cheating and theft on a scale never seen before,” President Trump stated. “These crooked and incompetent officials suspended signature verification.”

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Vernetta Keith Nuriddin, a Democrat on the board, sided with her GOP colleagues in voting to fire Barron. Nuriddin said she was happy with Barron’s decision to expand mail-in voting but felt there were too many problems in elections in recent years that could not be overlooked.

“My decision was not based on 2020′s election, but 2017, 2018,” Nuriddin said. “We have just consistent, continual issues around the absentee ballot process.”

The county made headlines during the June primary, with reports of long lines, a COVID-19 outbreak among election workers, and problems with voting machines. Barron called the primary the “single worst day” of his career.

Following the presidential contest, Barron dismissed allegations, including by Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, that officials seen in surveillance video from State Farm Arena in Atlanta used secret “suitcases” of fraudulent votes to ensure that Biden won the Peach State.

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