This “mother” is a special kind of monster. Who would sucker punch an unsuspecting 76 year old woman in church? What kind of woman raises her son to behave like a violent wild animal? 

An Omaha man and his mom are now behind bars. They are charged in the vicious beating of a woman in a church, one that was caught on camera and shocked the community.

Now police say social media helped catch them both.

Police have arrested 22-year-old Wayman Clark. They also took his mother, 53-year old Charlean Clark, into custody as well.

She is charged with helping hide her son after she found out what he is charged with doing.

Police say the two were arrested in a vehicle at an apartment complex near 137th and Harrison.

The 76-year-old woman was attacked at St. Cecilia’s Cathedral after mass. One of the men hit the woman while the other made off with her purse.

It all happened in less than 15 seconds. The video quickly went viral.

While police were able to arrest one of the men they don’t know yet who the other is.

Omaha Police Officer Michael Pecha said, “We like anytime we can get good video to show because that increases the chances that people will call in with a good tip.”

The woman wasn’t seriously hurt. Police say they still need more tips to help identify who the other person is in the video.

FOX 42 News Facebook users were quick to respond to the news that Charlean Clark was willing to help hide her son after his crime.

Here is what some of you had to say about it:

Beverly Decarlo Hzauka posted “Kidding me. I would give him a whack over the head and pull him by the ear all the way to the Omaha Police Department.”


Amy Brennan posted “I’m glad they caught him and I agree they should have arrested the mom too!” Via: FOX 42 KPTM

Here is the violent video of the mother son duo attacking the 76 year old woman in church:


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