The U.S. military has now admitted that U.S. intelligence was watching the Chinese Spy balloon cross the ocean and move toward the United States. It is being announced that the balloon lifted off Hainan Island in China last month and that officials continued to track its flight over Guam and Hawaii before it took a sharp turn north, flying over Alaska. They tracked the balloon for a full week before it flew over the rest of the country. “CBS is reporting the U.S. had been tracking the Chinese spy balloon since it lifted off a week ago in China. If true, this makes it even more indefensible that Biden didn’t shoot this thing down one Alaska.


Many have warned against a number of dangerous possibilities regarding what exactly the Chinese hoped to learn about American infrastructure with their spy technology.
The report mentioned that the three other objects that officials thought might also be related to the Chinese spy balloon are now being considered to likely be harmless research balloons rather than more intelligence-gathering Chinese aircraft.
The three other objects were shot down in northern Alaska, the Yukon territory, and over Lake Huron. Apparently, Biden ordered that the three be shot down because the intelligence community had not determined if they were surveillance the United States as well.

However, it seems strange that the U.S. intelligence community would allow a spy balloon to traverse the entire country, flying over the sensitive military and nuclear facilities, but opt to speedily shoot down unknown objects.

The Chinese have accused America of sending spy balloons to China, a claim that U.S. officials have been quick to deny. Critics of the situation’s handling are demanding answers and accountability from the White House. Yet, Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Milley has said it will be difficult to find the debris due to the rugged areas the objects were shot down over and that little information could be ascertained without examining the debris.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was among the Republicans asking for clarity, “What are these things? Who sent them here? And what are they doing here?” 

He tweeted, “Our government knew a Chinese military spy balloon was going to enter the airspace over the continental U.S. at least TWO DAYS BEFORE it happened. Yet they failed to act to stop it. And they only notified congressional leaders minutes before the media ran with the story.”

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