Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, has pushed to acquire access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns for four years. Neal says it is necessary because the panel is assessing and updating how audits of presidents are done. Interestingly Neal is not seeking the records of any other president. But according to, Epoch Times has accused Trump of avoiding taxes saying “unraveling President Trump’s sophisticated tax avoidance” was one of the reasons he thought Trump should release his returns.

Trump has said their true purpose is to release his tax returns to the public.

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked Congress from obtaining former President Donald Trump’s tax returns after Trump filed an emergency application to the Supreme Court, asking it to halt the order. The application states;

“The Committee’s purpose in requesting President Trump’s tax returns has nothing to do with funding or staffing issues at the IRS and everything to do with releasing the President’s tax information to the public.”

Despite a lack of evidence tying Trump to Russia during the Russiagate hoax, political opponent Nancy Pelosi also attempted to obtain his taxes, saying she would like to know the Russians’ hold on Trump. In 2017 she said the returns would “be useful” investigating “what … the Russians have on Donald Trump,” and that investigations into Trump were going to continue in 2019 because she “want[ed] to see him in prison.” 

Trump’s nominee U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, initially ruled on the matter in 2021 when Trump said Neal’s committee did not have a legitimate legislative purpose for pursuing his returns. However, McFadden ruled the presidential audit program could be subject to legislation while also acknowledging that there could be mixed motives for the legislature trying to gain Trump’s tax records.

Chief Justice John Roberts, a George W. Bush appointee, stayed an appeals court decision that gave a congressional panel access to the documents. The stay is temporary, pending further developments in the case. Justice John Roberts oversees the District of Columbia appeals court and can decide on the application alone or bring the matter to the entire Supreme Court.

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