On June 13, The Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up released Detroit drop box surveillance footage showing a US Postal worker wearing credentials around his neck and wearing what appears to be blue jeans, exiting an official US Post Office vehicle with a large stack of ballots. The ballots were deposited on October 26, 2020, SIX days before the general election.

As he leaves the US Postal vehicle, the passenger heads to the absentee ballot drop box, where he drops multiple ballots into the drop box while discreetly using his cell phone to take photos or a video of his activity. He’s holding the cell phone in his hand in the screenshot below.

The incident occurred at a drop box in front of the Liberty Temple Baptist Church at 1300 E. Seven Mile in Detroit. There is a US Post Office located only two miles away from the drop box used by the passenger of the US Postal vehicle.


Shortly after we released the video from October 26, we shared another video that was taken on November 2, 2020, showing a female US postal worker making multiple trips to an absentee ballot drop box. During a podcast with True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up explained how one US Postal worker could be seen making THREE trips* in ONE day to the same drop box and depositing multiple ballots each time. (*In the video, Jim Hoft inadvertently said the postal worker made four trips).

On her second trip to the absentee ballot drop box at the Liberty Temple Baptist Church, the female US Postal worker can be seen walking around the back of her official US Post Office vehicle. As she gets closer to the drop boxes, which are monitored by surveillance cameras, she can be seen pulling up her face mask. Does she suddenly pull up her face mask to prevent the spread of COVID while standing by herself at the drop box, or is she more concerned about being identified on the footage?  On her fourth visit to the same drop box on the same day, the postal worker arrives with a stack of ballots that she deposits into the drop box, but this time, she’s driving a white SUV with no official US Postal markings while still wearing her US Postal worker uniform.


After Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up released the videos showing the totally not “NORMAL” activity of the US Postal workers, Michigan’s dishonest and Soros-funded Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson added a special tab labeled “Misinformation” on her taxpayer-funded government website to dispute our report that exposes voter fraud via the Detroit US Post Office under her watch as MI Secretary of State.

On the taxpayer-funded MI SOS website, Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson has dedicated a specific section to “misinformation.” She addresses absentee ballot drop boxes in a sub-category on her “Misinformation” page. The Soros-funded SoS makes several excuses about the people captured on dropbox surveillance videos that appear to be committing voter fraud to make it appear as though they are likely not doing anything wrong.

Before going through each excuse for the actions of the people caught on video, Benson states:

All videos suggesting drop boxes were used to commit election fraud in Michigan have been debunked for lack of evidence and understanding of Michigan election law.


How can they be “debunked” if there were never any investigations by Michigan’s SoS or AG?

MI Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI Democrat AG Dana Nessel

We decided to do the work SoS Jocelyn Benson and AG Dana Nessel refused to do after a whistleblower who worked for the post office for several decades reached out to us to explain how there are NO circumstances where dropping off ballots at the drop boxes would be acceptable according to the stringent guidelines the US Postal Service has for delivering ballots. Once we received internal documents proving the strict protocols put in place for delivering ballots, we reached out to USPS District Manager Rick Moreton of the MI 1 District, who oversees the Detroit area where this alleged illegal activity took place. Mr. Moreton confirmed during a phone call on Friday that US Postal workers are ONLY allowed to deliver mail to the address on the front of the envelope and that they are NOT allowed to drop absentee ballots into ballot drop boxes. “They are only allowed to deliver ballots to “the specified address on the piece of mail,” he explained.

When asked if it’s standard procedure for postal workers to take pictures or photos of the mail they’re dropping into a mailbox or drop box, he answered, “No.”

Rick Moreton is the District Manager of the Michigan 1 District, Central Area.

I asked Mr. Moreton if the US Postal workers seen in the videos were ever investigated for their actions and if the US Post Office would like us to provide our footage or the numbers of the US Post Office vehicles; he responded, “It was well over a year ago this was brought to our attention, and the postmaster of Detroit was the one who handled—it was his employees. And he handled it, and he took the appropriate corrective measures with those employees.” He added that he couldn’t “share” what actions he took but  added, “I don’t know for sure what action he took on them, but there’s some type of corrective action he took on them.”

If Jocelyn Benson was telling the truth and the postal workers depositing absentee ballots into a drop box is “normal and legal activity,” why would the two postal workers seen in the videos be investigated, and why would “corrective measures” be necessary?

When asked if postal workers are violating the specific protocol set forth by the US Post Office for delivering absentee ballots, Moreton said, “Our preference is to directly hand them to the BOE, or Board of Elections mailbox.” When I asked what would be the alternative to handing it directly to an election official at the BOE, Rick Moreton said they would “deliver it to their mailbox.” When I asked why a postal worker would be dropping off ballots at the ballot drop boxes, he responded, “Yeah, they should not be doing that unless there’s a forwarding order on file or they have some sort of a court order.”  He added, “But I’ve never heard of that.” When pressed about the statement on Jocelyn Benson’s website, saying that it’s “normal and legal activity” for a postal worker to drop the ballots into a drop box to expedite the delivery of ballots, he clarified, “We’re delivering it to the address on the mail piece.”

So, there it is…despite MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s “misinformation” statement that says that a US Postal worker depositing stacks of absentee ballots into an absentee ballot drop box that’s supposed to be used by VOTERS is “normal” and “legal activity.”

“I think the biggest concern is that people are worried that postal workers are picking up mail at vacant homes, filling out the ballots, and being paid. And that was the concern when we saw the phones coming out. And these postal workers are clearly either taking photos or videos of themselves putting these ballots into the dropbox—which is also a big concern,” I told Mr. Moreton, to which he agreed, saying, “yes.” I continued, “I mean, for privacy purposes, I don’t think people want to have their mail being videotaped or photographed by a postal worker dropping it off at a location,” to which Mr. Moreton responded, “No, I understand.” We concluded our call with a promise from Mr. Moreton that he would get back to me on Monday when he hoped to be able to tell me the disciplinary action that was taken against the US Postal workers seen in the videos.

MI SOS Benson and her good friend, Michigan’s lawless AG Dana Nessel, ignored the evidence we presented in the videos. Instead of investigating their behavior, MI SOS Benson created a “misinformation” tab in an attempt to discredit the publications and candidates like her GOP opponent for SOS in MI, Kristina Karamo, who has shared the videos on social media and at various events, and asked why SOS Jocelyn Benson and AG Nessel refuse to investigate the people in these videos.

Benson’s opponent in the upcoming election on Tuesday, GOP candidate Kristina Karamo exposed the videos of the drop box activity Benson is defending as part of a series of videos called #BensonsDirtyDeeds.

In her video, Kristina Karamo addresses how Benson ignored our videos and promises to be the kind of Secretary of State who investigates voter fraud claims from citizens instead of defending them.

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