How about some great news today!

US Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher has been proven innocent of murdering an ISIS terrorist.

He’s been cleared of all charges and will walk out of court a free man!

 Chief Eddie Gallagher found NOT guilty for pre-meditated murder charges.

Guilty on one count of wrongfully posing with a body. 4 month sentence but has already been credited with 201 days served.

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He should be able to go home tonight.

FOX 5 San Diego reports:

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DEFENSE LAWYER REVEALS Why Millennial Navy SEALS Set Up Chief Gallagher For Murder…They Were Only There “To Say They Were SEALS”

When Corey Scott, a doctor for Navy SEAL team seven (pictured below), was called as a prosecution witness today in the case against Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, no one could predict the stunning turn of events.

Gallagher is being charged with murdering an ISIS militant by stabbing him in the neck. He has denied it happened and his wife, Andrea, had claimed he was being set up.

Andrea and Edward Gallagher

On Thursday, SEAL medic Corey Scott shockingly testified that he was the one who killed the boy and not Gallagher.

Another group of SEALs radioed Gallagher’s men to tell them they had him and other witnesses testified that the Chief said ‘leave him, he’s all mine’.

Scott claimed, in fact, that Gallagher opened the ISIS militant’s throat by cutting it to allow him to breathe because he had suffered a collapsed lung. He says he put his fingers over the opening to kill him.

Daily Mail reports that Scott, a doctor for Navy SEAL team seven, had been granted immunity for any alleged crimes of his own by the prosecution in exchange for cooperating with them.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that the defense attorney for the Navy SEAL on trial for murder and attempted murder at the Navy Base in San Diego, California has claimed his client has been set up by younger SEALs who hated his ‘old school’ ways.

Lawyer, Tim Parlatore, told a court on Friday that the group wanted to get rid of Chief Special Warfare Operator Eddie Gallagher who is accused of murdering a wounded, teenage ISIS fighter in Mosul, Iraq in 2017 by stabbing him twice in the neck then posing with the corpse.

This is a group of young disgruntled sailors that didn’t like being told that they were cowards,’ the lawyer said and added they made the story up. Parlatore is pictured June 18

‘This entire case was built on a small group of people that had personal animosity towards Eddie Gallagher,’ Parlatore said.

Parlatore added that they despised Gallagher for being an ‘old school, hard-charging warrior’.

Special Warfare Operator Gallagher.

The younger millennial SEALs were just there to say they were SEALs,’ the lawyer claimed.

Left to right; SOC Eddie Gallagher, Tim Parlatore, SO1 Corey Scott, Lt. Brian John, Capt. Rugh on Thursday. Scott claims he was one who killed the ISIS militant boy

Parlatore had told reporters prior to heading into court that the story is a big lie.

‘This is not a murder this is a mutiny,’ Parlatore charged. ‘This is a group of young disgruntled sailors that didn’t like being told that they were cowards and so they decided they conspired to take down the chief. They made up a story and that’s why we’re here.’

On Friday, SEAL Team 7’s Dalton Tolbert testified that he fired a warning shot at an old man during their 2017 tour and afterwards the man was hit by another shot.

He claimed he later heard a voice on radio say ‘you guys missed him but I got him’ and it sounded like Gallagher. But he replied to the defense that he didn’t know where the shot came from.

Regarding the stabbing of the ISIS militant, Tolbert said he arrived after the prisoner had died but he later heard Gallagher say something to the effect of: ‘I thought you guys were cool with it.’

One of the SEALs told the court on Tuesday that he’d seen Gallagher shoot at an elderly Iraqi man and group of women as they collected water from a river.

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