President Trump has just thrown the government funding deal into doubt.

He says he won’t move further without “border security”:

Sarah Sanders released a statement:

“The president is having a meeting with Republican House members at noon today. At this moment, the president does not want to go further without border security, which includes steel slats or a wall. The president is continuing to weigh his options.”

Maybe he’s seen the GoFundMe that’s raised over $4 million in 3 days to fund the wall. He realizes this is very important to more Americans than he thought.

The Go Fund me is just over $4.8 million right now!

The GoFundMe is called “We The People Will Fund The Wall”.

A screenshot from the page shows the total right now…Shocking!

Could the power of the people turn the tide on the border wall funding?

We smell a veto! We hope we’re right on this.

Matt Schlapp thinks we’re right:

He tweeted a few hours ago:

Key Republicans have said today they are ready to fight for the wall funding.

Perhaps they see that the will of the American people is to build a wall and know they’ll have this last-ditch effort before Democrats take over the House.


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