Only moments ago, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed that a member of Vice President Mike Pence’s team tested positive for coronavirus.

Reuters White House Correspondent Jeff Mason tweeted that the press person’s first name is “Katie,” raising the speculation that the staffer who tested postitive for COVID-19 is Katie Miller, wife of President Trump’s trusted Sr. Advisor, Stephen Miller.

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President Trump confirmed that Katie Miller is in fact, the person who just tested positive for COVID-19 in this video, confirming that he has not come into contact with Katie and that Pence has tested negative for the Wuhan virus.

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The WeekPolitico confirmed that President was referring to Katie Miller, Pence’s press secretary and the wife of Stephen Miller.  This report noted this raises the risk that “a large swath of the West Wing’s senior aides may also have been exposed.” She confirmed her positive diagnosis to NBC News, saying she does not have symptoms.

Trump spilled the beans to reporters, saying Katie Miller “hasn’t come into contact with me” but has “spent some time with the vice president.”

This news comes only one day after it was reported that Trump’s Navy valet tested positive for COVID-19.

Asked Friday if he’s concerned about the potential spread of coronavirus in the White House, Trump said “I’m not worried, no,” adding that “we’ve taken very strong precautions.”

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