We don’t want to jump to any conclusions, so we’ll just wait to find out if Victor Alonzo Majia Nunez is a legal US citizen (or not). For some strange reason, it always seems to take days, or even weeks for the media to find out whether or not the suspect in a crime is a legal US citizen…

A suspect is under arrest after police say a Roswell officer was shot at during a patrol early Friday morning.

Officer Brian McKenzie was in the area of Old Roswell Road and Commerce Parkway when police say a passing vehicle fired a shot at the McKenzie’s patrol car.

“He noticed a vehicle slow down and then heard what he thought was either gunfire or fireworks. He looked over and realized it was gunfire coming towards him,” said Roswell police official Zachary Frommer.

McKenzie was not hit.

Frommer says McKenzie chased 21-year-old Victor Mejia Nunez, but the Riverdale man crashed the stolen SUV he was driving.

“Detectives have been speaking to him. He’s been less than forthcoming so we don’t know motive or anything like that,” Frommer said.

Frommer says in light of the attacks on police in Dallas, officers here were already on high alert.

“Then something like this happens and it just perks us up even more,” Frommer said.

Mejia Nunez is facing several charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer. He was in an SUV stolen out of Sandy Springs. Via: WSBTV


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