Acting DHS Chief KevinMcAleenan was rudely shouted at by activists at Georgetown Law, who wouldn’t stop interrupting his speech about immigration.

The immigration activists are hardcore, organized, and pushing for open borders. They justify their extreme action by dehumanizing the opposition claiming they are Nazis, Evil, etc… The irony is that they are doing exactly what they are against…being fascists.

They believe that any illegal immigrant who wants to cross our border should be able to.

For that matter, there are politicians who believe that too! Joe Biden recently said he doesn’t believe in borders.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan makes several attempts to resume his speech on immigration law and policy but is continually interrupted by protesters shouting, “Immigrants are under attack. Stand up, fight back!”

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He wasn’t allowed to speak and was shouted down. That is how the radical left operates.

Sam Singleton-Freeman posted a video of the protesters shouting:

If they don’t agree with you, they shut you down.

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