Oakland, California, has seen a huge spike in violence like so many other blue cities. Since Democrats have pulled back on enforcing the law and defunding the police, criminals feel emboldened to commit crimes.

Communities are beginning to push back on the lawlessness.  One event that took place today was called “Stand up for Safe Oakland” and was a rally against gun violence. During the event that included about 200 black families and police, a “mostly white” group of Antifa goons decided to interrupt the event. They carried signs against the police and rally-goers told them to “take that sh*t somewhere else.”

The Antifa goons tried to drown out the “mostly black speakers” who were naming and remembering homicide victims. The participants in the rally were not having it. They confronted the group of Antifa and let them have it.


Antifa was slammed for being there – LANGUAGE ALERT

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