Breaking video of the riots in downtown Atlanta shows the chaos that began at the CNN Center and then moved over to the highway and then to Centennial Park.

The destruction and violence toward police officers in Atlanta rages on solving absolutely nothing in the case of the tragic death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis.

The “ABOLISH THE POLICE” Twitter feed shows a crowd pushing the police back:

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Rioters burned an American flag:

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Destruction and chaos for what?

A police car on fire:

Looting in downtown Atlanta:


A guy throws a trashcan and hits a police officer:

Tucker Carlson spoke out tonight on the riots happening in cities all over America:

“We watch these people, criminal mobs, destroy what the rest of us have built.”

“They don’t contribute to the common good they never have.”

“Yet suddenly they seem to have all the power.”

Spot on…


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