Remember President Trump giving Biden the nicknames of “low energy Joe” and “sleepy Joe”? He was so right.

Biden met with Merck and Johnson & Johnson’s CEOs today and spoke reading off the teleprompter (video below). Biden was walking away from the podium when reporters asked him about holding his first press conference. He chose to ignore the question and answered the question asked about surplus covid vaccines.

Watch the short video below (the entire speech is below this video), and it’s clear that Biden isn’t all there:

Biden’s entire speech:

The Democrats are slowly moving VP Harris into a public position of power. She’s been very visible during Biden’s appearances, hovering closeby, but there was an announcement today that there will be a “roadshow” promoting Harris.

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Just a few days ago, Biden bumbled his way through another announcement:

The lapdog media continues to ignore the forgetfulness of 78-year old Joe Biden. Biden’s handlers are doing a great job keeping him away from the media. He made two appearances today, and it hits home for anyone watching that. As much as he’s protected, Biden is obviously struggling.

The appearance that really shows Biden’s forgetfulness is in the video below during Biden’s announcement of two female generals nominated for 4-Star Combatant Commanders.

Whoops: Biden forgets the name of the Pentagon, as well as the name of his secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

Biden also made an appearance at a veteran’s medical center. It’s torture watching Biden stand like an empty shell. It’s almost like he’s forgotten why he’s there.

The bigger and more frightening question is, who is making decisions behind the scenes?

Who doesn’t miss a president with energy?

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