The Biden administration is like a junior high school project of ‘let’s play government’…

Cecilia Elena Rouse spoke today about the very disappointing April jobs report. She is the chair to the Council of Economic Advisors and is the first Black woman to serve in the role. She might want to do her homework before press conferences. During her attempt to explain away the terrible economic numbers, she tried to say that it was because Easter was in March this year…

Easter was in April.

The Biden administration doesn’t want to admit that giving out ‘Biden Bucks’ is why the job numbers were dismal in April. Free money compliments of the taxpayers keeps flowing to the unemployed, so why should they work?

Rouse is a former Obama administration official and was the Dean of the ​Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.​  She is a proponent of fixing “income inequality” aka a socialist:

Princeton’s Rouse received a glowing recommendation in a newsletter saying she “will play a key role in rebuilding the U.S. economy, which has seen increasing income inequality for decades and has been most recently left crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the public health crisis began, Rouse has been a strong advocate for providing economic relief to those most affected by the virus.”

“We need to be positioned for the economy of the future so that everyone is able to partake in the growth we hope to have,” Rouse said. “To that end, I am honored to have a chance to return to public service to help lead that charge.”

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Rouse, a labor economist, previously served in the White House as a member of ​President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. From 1998 to 1999, she worked at the National Economic Council in the Clinton administration as a special assistant to the president.

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