Joe Biden just held a press conference and it was a doozy. When asked about the chaotic withdrawal and a new poll saying he’s failed, he laughed. He said he hadn’t seen reports he’s not capable of leading. Can you say delusional and out of touch?

“I haven’t seen that poll” and then laughter from Biden…

When Biden says “let me be clear” it means he’s getting ready to confuse you. He previously said an orderly withdrawal was taking place but now he says no matter what, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was going to be chaotic.

He has flipped the script on how the withdrawal would turn out. He’s trying to rewrite history.

He calls Kabul by a different name…calling it “Kombol”

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He ends the press conference by ignoring a question about the threat from ISIS and teeters away without answering…


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Biden struggled during the press conference. He appears to forget his FEMA director’s name:

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