The anniversary of 9-11 reminds us of the danger we face when foreign terrorists commit crimes against our citizens. Unfortunately, thanks to Obama’s war against America, we have a new enemy who may be just as dangerous, as these domestic terrorists driven by hate, act out their crimes in the same cowardly way as the terrorists of 9-11. 

Since the FBI refuses to do anything to stop domestic terrorists within the #BlackLivesMatter movement who have publicly called for “open season on crackers and cops,” a national movement called #OPdethrone has just launched in an effort to stop this group, before any more innocent people lose their lives.

Over the past several weeks, we have watched in horror as directives from this group have been carried out, as police officers and white people across the nation have been randomly targeted and brutally executed. And now this group is planning another act of terror this coming 9/11. Although the final details of the event are shrouded in mystery, we do know that this group is planning something big on 9/11, and they are directing their followers to bring their guns and convene at Stone Mountain, where they proclaim that “things are about to go down.”

Although the FBI has been alerted, it appears that nothing has been done to stop this terror organization. In the meantime, this group continues to gain momentum and supporters. In a last-ditch effort to warn his fellow Americans and beacon the FBI to intervene, investigator Hannibal from has compiled a short documentary video highlighting this group’s acts of terror. Hopefully this video will help put an end to the group’s activities before anymore of their violent calls to action come to fruition.

We are asking that everyone watch and share this video, as this is our final attempt to stop this group before they carry out their violent plans on 9/11. It is quite lengthy at over 18 minutes long, but every detail is incredibly important, and vital for telling the full story and making all the connections.


Via: Universal Free Press

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