When the mob comes for you, they don’t care if you’re gay or straight. They just want to hate.

What happened in a DC gay neighborhood tonight was caught on video by the very brave Drew Hernandez, who has been filming BLM and Antifa to show what they’re doing to everyday Americans like the ones below. The optics of this violence and hate creates more Trump voters every day. DC liberals should #WalkAway from the Democrats. They are the definition of hate.

The BLM and Antifa groups are looking to pick a fight and decided to go to a gay neighborhood tonight. They arrived and started to harass people on the street.

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One activist yelled with a megaphone at a man as the group chanted, “black people used to live here.”

One man yelled back at the BLM thugs, “We support you!” even though he had just been harassed by them.

Listen to the man below tell the people harassing him he supports them:

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