The video below will make your blood boil. A BLM group showed up on the doorstep of Senator Warren Limmer’s home today to harass and berate him for not coming out to speak to the group.

Limmer is a member of the Minnesota Senate. He’s a member of the Republican Party of Minnesota, and he represents the 34th District.

Apparently, the new thing BLM is doing is stalking lawmakers by coming directly on their personal property and demand that they come out to speak. The all-white group knocking on the door is followed up by a guy banging loudly on a drum. There are more people in the street.

BLM protesters show up at the home of Senator Warren Limmer’s house in the suburb of Maple Grove, Minnesota:

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These people must have family or friends to spend time with on Sunday. It’s pathetic that they chose to spend their time harassing this State Senator.

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