Oh boy! Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was caught in a pickle this morning on Fox News. He could not define exactly what qualifies as infrastructure because, according to him, just about anything can be infrastructure.

Biden’s infrastructure package is a behemoth of spending full of pork, with only 9% of the funds going directly to what is REALLY infrastructure. Bridges and roads are traditionally known as infrastructure, but Democrats like Biden and Buttigieg label ANYTHING they want to fund as infrastructure. Only $650 billion of the $2.25 trillion is going to roads and bridges. Daycare and eldercare are not infrastructure.

Listen to the word salad comments from a struggling Pete Buttigieg below after he was asked: “Where do you draw the line? What’s NOT infrastructure?”

Buttigieg just spit out the talking points like a puppet saying, “We feel these things are related.” In other words, the Democrats can make up anything they want to be included in a bill. They’re big government big spenders ready to tax Americans to death so they can put out more pork-filled bills like the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

Peter Doocy confronted Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the infrastructure bill. She openly conceded that Biden’s bill is not about infrastructure. Other Democrats openly concede that the bill has little to do with infrastructure and everything to do with the socialist Green New Deal scam. It’s a complete bait and switch.

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Rep. James Clyburn also admitted that the bill has little to do with infrastructure:

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